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Nove IX GmbH
It's time to modernize your financial processes. Take control and earn peace of mind
Modernize financial close
Reduce closing time, automatize redundant tasks, minimize risks
Project Management
Commercial Pricing
Benchmark, positioning, cost plus, what's your strategy ?
Cost study
Analyze your costs,
your investments,
past, current, future
Budget and forecast
Five-year plan, zero-based budget, rolling forecast, we help you define your goals
Track your performance, know your numbers, we build your dashboard
Business Planning
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Nove IX GmbH, Bahnhofstrasse 52, CH-8001 Z├╝rich,
We are a family-run, woman-owned consultancy boutique led by professional experts in the field of finance, most specifically controlling.
The firm was founded in 2014 and has an exclusive focus on strategic planning and controlling-related services.
We develop and execute streamlining and efficiency programs for finance teams, international SMEs as well public sector entities, achieving best practice through psychological safety and the concept of gentlehack.
We solve performance and/or costs challenges through our personalized support of each member of your team, designing processes, providing skills trainings or coachings, with a comprehensive analysis of the situation (product, people, process).

But we never judge you.
We believe finance is a tool, not a reason.
It stands at the core, but is never the heart of a company or a team.

Human beings create value, lead, inspire, solve problems.

We provide our finance expertise to help you improve your performances, reduce costs, so you can focus on your talents, your purpose.

And so you can go home at a decent hour.

"Set peace of mind as your highest goal,
and organize your life around it."

Brian Tracy